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My name is Tina and welcome to my journal! This is where I talk about my life, fiction, fandom, my muses, my plays, my family, and anything else that I like to talk about. This journal is friend’s locked because (believe it or not!) there are people (friends from high school/college/family) out there that don’t know that I have muses running around in my head of whom I use for my own personal enjoyment. If they knew, then I am sure that it would be frowned upon. Ticker
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My icons, my muse's icons, and some of the layouts have been made from various sources. It would take too long to list them all for credit, but my best friend [info]diamond9697 has already done that and that is where I am taking mine from. You can find that here on her page. This is to let you know that I loved your work and that I credit you. I hope this is good enough. Tina!

I am also the mod for [info]brad_renfro_fan and [info]wes_bentley_fan

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